Monday, 26 May 2014

26th May 2014 - From Singapore sun to Ben Nevis fun!

Today I was up the Ben again with Chris and his two lads Jack and Ben. The weather was looking pretty good for the day, and we weren't disappointed. We made steady progress up to the second aluminium bridge, at which point the boys started to lag and struggle a little bit. We managed to coerce them up to the Red Burn for a spot of lunch, a drink and a good rest. After this they sped off quite happily until corner 3 where they started to lag again - time to release the big guns. I started plying them with riddles to keep their minds occupied - this also made them try and keep pace with me to learn the answers or get more clues!! We all had great fun doing the riddles, and even some random mountain users got involved too!

We made the summit in 4 hours, and after a few photos at the top, we headed back down and were treated to some stunning moody views - I even had to fix both of Jacks shoes, the soles of which were determined to fall off!. We made it to the car park in 3 hours, with the lads determined to have an expensive Blade of Beef for their dinner - these kids had rich tastes!! But after the effort they put in they definitely deserved a treat!! Cheers for the good company and riddles guys!

The lads at the start of the day - fresh and raring to go

Stunning views down the Glen

At Windy Corner, the boys feeling it a bit!

At the half way point, a much needed rest!

Jack having fun in the snow

The team on the summit!

Glorious views rewarded our efforts

A quick fix with some tie tags for Jacks boots!

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