Friday, 9 May 2014

6th - 9th May 2014 - Environmental studies and Hillwalking with Stramash

Over the past four days I have been working with Stramash in Oban delivering environmental studies to Primary 4-7 kids. Each day we were working with a different primary school from around the Oban area, and utilised a number of different venues to help illustrate how our diverse and ever changing environment can be explored, protected and shared.

On day 1 Rob and I took a group of P 6/7 kids into Glen Lonan, and ascended Deadh Choimhead which has stunning views and is a great mixed venue which illustrates the different environments we can find in a very small area. The kids loved the chance to explore and discover, as well as the games, riddles and jokes we had along the way.

On day 2, I was working with Rob again and this time we opted to take a P4 group up Ben Lora, which is slightly easier than the previous day, but equally rewarding and a stunning venue. The weather was a bit rubbish, with zero visibility at the top and persistent rain in the afternoon. The kids found this really exciting however, and enjoyed the experience regardless.

On day 3 & 4 we were based at Loch Creran with kids aged 8-11 doing a mixture of canoeing with Russell, and an environmental explore with me. We took a wander round the Pinemartin trail at the head of the loch, and found many interesting plants, trees, flowers, animals and even some intriguing history! Again the kids enthusiasm was really great to see, I struggled to keep up with them!

Overall it was a great couple of days exploring some new venues and meeting some new people, back to the grind on the Ben tomorrow!

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